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Valco introduces new touch screen interface technology

valco newly introduces mcp-12 touch screen interface microprocessing control system with ot-12, which is a Lam debut module set. Users can simply set and control the sizing system through this set of modules. Mcp-12 and O therefore shrink less t-? 2. It has flexible functions and excellent performance, with software and component packages specially designed for the packaging industry. At the same time, it also has some additional functions, such as preventing glue paste from forming clusters, batch counting and early warning system for insufficient glue quantity. Special functions include glue paste pattern detection, bar code recognition, window detection, skew detection, color detection and metal detection. It is suitable for folding carton production, envelope production, corrugated carton production and other high-speed production requirements. Its control feature is the "automatic glue pasting" module, which is specially designed for the "small side glue pasting" of corrugated boxes and the replacement glue pasting runner of machines that produce folding cartons. When the size of cartons or cartons changes, the glue pasting length can be automatically set without resetting the program

but its distribution is very concentrated. It states:

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