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Shantui successfully held the 2019 product promotion conference in Cambodia

Shantui successfully held the 2019 product promotion conference in Cambodia

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recently, the Southeast Asia Business Department of Shantui import and export company and the Cambodian agent successfully held the year-end Shantui product promotion conference in Phnom Penh, and more than 150 Cambodian government dignitaries, new and old customers and peers in the industry were invited to participate

this promotion conference focuses on the full hydraulic bulldozers, excavators and loaders, which are customized by the business department for the construction characteristics of the aircraft in Cambodia or the safest vehicle farm in the world. They are favored by customers. The construction specifications for residential decoration engineering GB 50327 ⑵ 001 have been tested and driven hard, and they are very impressed with Shantui products

through in-depth exchanges with customers and detailed on-site explanations, more than 20 orders were reached at the promotion meeting, and some of the exhibition equipment was delivered on site. The promotion meeting was a complete success

in the future, Southeast Asia business will actively help agents digest the achievements of this exhibition, practice "customer satisfaction is our purpose", and further stabilize and expand the market with high-quality service and a positive and serious attitude

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